Our Philosophy

The Girona Velo experiences have to be authentic – that is fundamental to us. This has been integral from its inception.


This authenticity is what separates a Girona Velo trip from other cycling tours. We embrace every aspect of the unique places we visit. If we are riding in Girona, then it’s essential that our guests are given a genuine experience – from the true diverse Girona landscapes to the genuine Catalan food & wine. You will be eating what the Girona locals eat and drinking the Emporda, Priorat, Costers de Segre DO Catalan wines from vineyards that we ride through on our journey. It would be disingenuous, if we chose to offer our guests Flamenco, Paella and Sangria whilst in Girona. The same authenticity applies when we are in Italy, France or in the other regions in Spain.


We as your hosts also have to be genuine, be our authentic selves, the overwhelming feedback we receive after these trips, is regarding the natural chemistry between us and how that permeates to our guests, This is not something we have to work at – this is just us enjoying everyone’s company. And for those that have been on a Girona Velo trip will tell you – we do have lots of laughs.

We also believe that if the small details are meticulously planned, then our guests can just focus on the riding among these beautiful landscapes.


Finally – we are not looking to grow our small business into a large corporate brand, We want to be on the road with our guests enjoying these experiences with you. This is about finding a healthy balance and keeping our Experiences to a minimal number a year – so we remain passionate and always excited about joining you for the next adventure.